Hello, my name is Winson Ho. This website is created for the purpose of sharing some of my thoughts, showing things that inspire me, compiling my works, showcasing my creativity and skill in communication and interactive design. It can be a room that inspires you as well.

Winson Ho

This site has everytime been revamped as a personal challenge to experiment and look into the lastest web developing techniques and trend. And at this time, textile fabrics has been used as the background image for every page to suggest a change of the manner towards our way of living.

Since when “busy” has become the most common word to describe our daily tasking life. We are juggling with our duties, career, relationship, and so on. We shall slow down our steps, pay attention to the surrounding living environment and discover the little spark that might touch and excite us. Put your hand on the clothing fabric that you dress up and feel the textile. Slow down in the fast pace living, observe, feel and perceive the surrounding by touch. Life is about what you have experienced.


I’m an experienced lecturer and designer in interactive media design and digital arts. Well-presented, enthusiastic and creative individual with an attentive eye for details. A reliable, responsible and flexible team-worker, I have a great deal of initiative and determination, I am very good with people. I specialize in interactive and interface design for website, SEO strategies, online marketing, mobile APP, social media, graphic design, and digital arts. Often to bring clarity and order, I consider the functionality of the work with providing aesthetic stimulation through visual and design. I am immensely exciting to get involve in design activities, and I enjoy working with and exploring the digital media since it has become a tool for exploring, extending and executing ideas. I aim to investigate into unique immersive interactive experience and my works aim to subtly portray playful and beauty yet maintain the functionality. And, I am now hoping to combine my previous experiences with my current competence in interactive and digital arts to pursue a career in art, design and media.