Design has become a part of our life. The purpose of design is to help people understand, intuit, and feel the messages that needed to be transmitted. And, it achieves the goal of communication. There are many communication design philosophies and practices. There are also many design disciplines like advertising design, graphic design, product design, fashion design, interior design, and so on. Although, these design fields are different and specialised in their own ways, yet all of them are in some ways linked to one another by sharing many fundamentals.

There are some practices that many designers have been practising. In the beginning stage of a project, we like to look around for ideas and art direction that suit our project. Whether it is from the internet, books, television, magazines, movies, and so on. There are ideas that might be used for many times to answer different project briefs. The only difference is how they were placed on different skin and have different outlook.

We always look for the similarity. There are many links that help us to proceed. Inspiration comes from everything. We look for conformity but it also teaches us to look at things in different ways.